Mad Ink

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About Mad Ink

Mad Ink is a small web comics hosting site dedicated to personal care of its members. Membership on Mad Ink is open to any interested comic artists, no matter the content of the comics. Unlike larger free hosting systems, such as Keenspace, your comic will not have to wait in line behind 300 others just to be updated. All we ask in return is that you help out a little with the costs of hosting the server and domain when the bills come due.

Our comics run using Inkworks, a web comic hosting system designed around maintainability and ease-of-use. Inkworks is written using PHP, with a MySQL database for backend storage. The code for Inkworks is OpenSource under a GPL license, and is available upon request. Inkworks allows artists to keep archives of news (rants) and comics in a well-formed, dated archive system. An artist may upload many strips in advance, and these will only be released at a specified future date, even to the exact minute that a strip may become available. Inkworks allows for simple web-based administration of the site: no more FTP uploads! Just go to a webpage and upload the image files directly.

Contact the membership group for more information.