Chico doesn't wear pants.

Song of the Moment

P: "Hate to Say I Told You So" by The Hives
C: "Days go by" by Dirty Vegas

Random Factoid About Us

Contrary to the setting in the comic, Chico and I have never actually been roomies. Freshman year in college, we were on the same floor of a small dorm, and knew each other through Delta Force, Ultima Online addictions, and probably some other crap. While I do tend to hang out at Chico's to excess at times, that's the closest we are to being roomies.

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Brain Candy

Brain Candy

2002-08-28 by Podunk

It's super fun

Mario Sunshine is really, really, really fun. (really). Like I said before, check back now and again. Oh, by the way. It appears Anne(-a-bannana-fo-fanna, or whatever it is Chico calls her) bought a PnC shirt. This is of course awesome, and makes her better than all of you. That is all.