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Mad Ink General Merchandise
Mad Ink Logo

Mad Ink Logo

The Mad Ink Logo Shirt displays the new full-color Mad Ink logo on its front, with "We're all Mad here..." written in red underneath. The back of the shirt shows the site URL and our motto, "Like all good things, it starts with a monkey" in a typewriter font. We also have a few other random items in this store with this logo imprinted on them.

Better Living Through Mind Control
BLTMC Vol. 1

BLTMC Vol. 1

A paperback collection of all four first series of Better Living Through Mind Control. Staple-bound like a comic book with full-color cover and black-and-white pages.

BLTMC Toasted Cat

BLTMC Toasted Cat

The first shirt for Better Living Through Mind Control features the hapless cat caught at the wrong end of an alien laser cannon. The back of the shirt has a large Mad Ink logo on the top, with "Better Living Through Mind Control: Dutifully equipping minors with alien laser cannons ... since 1999!" underneath. We have several styles of this shirt, along with mugs and assorted other items.

Podunk And Chico

Podunk Gear

The Overacheiver shirt features Podunk in his natural, immobile state. Back of the shirt shows a closeup of Podunk's face, with the URL to Podunk and Chico.

I (heart) Jimmy)

Jimmy Gear

The Jimmy Gear store is home to three items featuring everyone's favorite flag-weilding rat. First, there's a T-shirt showing Jimmy holding up the infamous "I Hid Your Porn" flag. Secondly, we've got a fresh pair of boxes that state the simple fact that "Jimmy is Love". And finally, something for the ladies: A women's T-shirt that will allow you to to proclaim to all you meet, "I (heart) Jimmy".